Department Of English

About the Department

Consider to be an indispensable part of higher education, the department of English ha rendered its invaluable service in JDSG College since its  inception in   1964. It is a full fledged department with Major Courses,  A good number of alumni of this department has been able to make its mark different fields such as culture and literature teaching, administration, journalism and likes. Presently department has Four full time and two part times teachers.

Smart Spoken English with Language Lab

Language lab has been set up in the department with grants from UGC under CPE scheme, where students can learn to speak and write English language with the help of computer, software, headphone etc...

Learning Resources of the Department

In addition to the college library, the department has its own library, which contains more than 200 invaluable books.The departmental library is open for use by the students during college hours. The department has its own computer to carry out its activities. Internet are also available now for both the teachers and the students.

Facilities available in the Department

Smart spoken English with language lab

Digital Projector for Class

Video Library


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M.A. (English)

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